Company Name Canvas Mapple Co., Ltd.
Established September 25, 2006
Capital 1 hundred millions
(100% subsidiary of Shobunsha Publications, Inc.)
Representative Yukihiro Yamamoto
President & CEO
Number of employees 60 (As of April, 2016)


Enrich people’s life by introducing navigation applications which makes outing fun. Canvas Mapple Co., Ltd. President & CEO Yukihiro Yamamoto


In Japan, travel guidebooks have a very good sales. Usually, Japanese people purchase travel guidebooks when they go travelling whether domestic or overseas. With the offer of contents and brand by Shobunsha, one of the major publishing company and our parent company, Canvas Mapple Co., Ltd. developed “Mapple Navi”, in-car navigation applications and has been providing them to Portable Navigation Device (PND) makers and Audio Visual Navigation (AVN) makers.

With the catch-phrase, ”In-car navigation system having 100 travel guidebooks”, Canvas Mapple has opened up and expanded the car navigation market working with Portable Navigation Device (PND) makers and Audio Visual Navigation (AVN) makers who employed our products. We have started providing our products as line-fit and Dealer Option (DOP) in 2013.

Our flexibility of catering to requests of supporting various hardware such as Linux, iPhone and Android, capability of customization of many kinds of applications and proficiency in providing Japanese way of highly detailed support gains credibility by hardware makers. In order to gain more of customer trust, Canvas Mapple will try our best to improve and enrich the quality of our products and features.


Main Business units

— Software development for car navigation system

We develop application software called “Mapple Navi” and sell them to auto makers and car navigation device makers.

“Mapple Navi”, one core navigation application can be run with various platforms; Portable Navigation Device (PND), Audio Visual Navigation (AVN), and Smartphone.

“Mapple Navi” can be used with many kinds of OS such as Windows, Android and iOS. We have experiences of supporting wide range of CPUs and GPS. Our corporate policy is always try to get ready for supporting various requests by hardware makers.


— B2B Mapple Navi

PND/Portable Navigation Device


Canvas Mapple Co., Ltd. started providing “Mapple Navi” for Portable Navigation Device (PND) made by Yupiteru Corporation since 2008. As of 2014, there are more than 30 models of Yupiteru’s devices using “Mapple Navi”.

AVN/Audio Visual Navigation


Audio Visual Navigation products manufactured by Clarion which “Mapple Navi” is implemented are employed not only as aftermarket products, but also employed as line-fit and dealer option products by many auto makers.

— B2C Mapple Navi for Smartphone

Canvas Mapple released “Mapple Navi S”, car navigation application for iPhone to consumers in June, 2012. Number of download reached 10,000 within 2 weeks after the product release, receiving huge public response. In addition, we released “Ready-to-go Mapple Navi S featuring Niigata dialect”, which gives voice guidance in Niigata dialect in March, 2013. We also released “Mapple Navi K” featuring Kumamon, a popular character promoting Kumamoto Prefecture in September, 2013. The Kumamon character can be set to show position of a vehicle or can be set as menu button by users.

Other Products

— Application development for smartphones

We develop software specializing in travel guide information for smartphones by adding various functions to make user-friendly, entertaining contents.

— Digital Data selling

We sell digital data developed by Shobunsha to in-car navigation makers and digital camera makers.

Our partners Alpine Electronics, Inc.  Clarion Co., Ltd.  DENSO CORPORATION  FUJITSU TEN LIMITED.
Garmin Corporation  Harman International  JVC KENWOOD Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation  NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD.  Panasonic Corporation

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